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The Wireless Speaker and Audio Association was established to foster interoperability compliance testing between CE devices and high-performance wireless speakers, and to promote the adoption of WiSA technology worldwide.

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A high-level overview of the WiSA Association.

WiSA Association Charter
The purpose and responsibilities of the WiSA Association.

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Read about the benefits of becoming a WiSA Association member.

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Learn about the different levels of WiSA Association membership.

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Information and instructions on how to become a WiSA Association member.

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WiSA Association FAQs

1. What is the purpose of the WiSA Association?

2.What activities does the WiSA Association engage in?

3. Why join the WiSA Association?

4. How will consumers be able to identify WiSA-certified products?

5. What are the qualifications to become a Member of the WiSA Association?

6. What are the benefits to becoming a Member of the WiSA Association?

7. What are the levels of membership in the WiSA Association and associated costs?

8. What is the responsibility of WiSA Association Advisory Board members?

9. How can I become an Advisory Member?

10. Are there any licensing fees associated with membership in the WiSA Association?

11. Are there any royalty fees associated with membership in the WiSA Association?

12. Who manages the WiSA Compliance Test specification?

13. Why is there a need for an interoperability and compliance test specification?

14. What is driving the need for standardization in high definition wireless audio?

15. What do consumers need to know about the underlying technology and the compliance/logo program?

16. How will WiSA technology change the user experience?

17. Can you give a brief overview of the certification process?

18. Is there a limit to the number of channels? 9.x and 11.x receivers are coming onto the market now. Will WiSA support these?

19. Which approach to the “sweet spot” has been adopted by WiSA?

20. My receiver has room optimization. Won’t that conflict with WiSA’s sweet spot algorithm?

21. Do WiSA-compliant speakers require line-of-sight or can the technology transmit through walls and floors?

22. 802.11a (common on Apple devices) and WHDI use the 5 GHz band. Will I have interference issues if I use 802.11a or WHDI devices near my WiSA-enabled home audio system?

23. What is Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS)?

24. Will I need a new A/V receiver to use WiSA speakers?

25. Is WiSA-compliant technology just for residential applications, or does it have commercial applications too? If so, can you provide some examples?

26. OK, I’m sold. When and where can I buy WiSA-certified products?


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