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About the WiSA® Association

Established in 2011, the WiSA (pronounced “why-suh”) Association is an industry group dedicated to promoting the adoption of WiSA-compliant wireless audio technology. The association fosters interoperability testing between CE devices and high-performance wireless speakers. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, the Association is structured around four component groups:

  • The WiSA licensing authority (WiSA, LLC), responsible for testing and interoperability compliance of WiSA-enabled products, association administrative management, logo and trademark compliance, and outbound marketing campaigns to promote broader adoption of the technology.
  • The WiSA Advisory Members, with representatives from industry-leading companies of the home theater ecosystem, helping to guide the implementation, interoperability, and evolution of the technology.
  • The WiSA Technical Committee (TAC), addressing the technical challenges related to advancing wireless audio adoption. Its focus is to develop and propose wireless audio solutions for the home theater, consumer electronics, and professional A/V markets, while working with other standards bodies such as IEEE, AES, HDMI, and MHL for the advancement of wireless HD audio in their respective specifications.
  • WiSA Members, manufacturers of compliant products that incorporate WiSA technology.
  • WiSA Associate Members, branded resellers committed to sourcing and selling 100% compliant WiSA-enabled products.

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