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Axiim is delivering the next generation WiSA-Compliant audio video platform, for consumers, and for the industry.

James Hammer
CEO of Axiim, Inc

Axiim is a company built ‘from the ground up’ to deliver user friendly, high quality wireless audio.

We are specializing in software and hardware solutions revolving around the WiSA Standard that will enable a superior home theater experience. We believe, given the choice, consumers are going to flock to the intelligence and simplicity of wireless multi-channel home theater systems. We delivered a complete solution with speakers to showcase how WiSA-Compliance can outperform traditional wired home speaker solutions.

Axiim as a company, wants to enable speaker manufacturers with next generation wireless technology. We understand the importance of consumer preferences and the need for audio video solutions that cover a broad spectrum of home entertainment use.

We were excited to demonstrate the powerful interoperability of the WiSA Standard at CES 2016 with the Axiim Q Media Center delivering uncompressed 24bit/96kHz multi-channel Dolby and DTS audio to the Klipsch Reference Premiere HD wireless speakers. For the first time in history we have two different companies delivering a seamless easy to use wireless audio experience.

The Axiim 5.1 and 7.1 systems include the Axiim Q Media Center and the requisite wireless HD speakers for a complete solution. The system is designed for easy intuitive feature rich setup; the consumer is ‘walked through’ the installation in 20 minutes or less.

A powered WiSA-Compliant speaker brings the audio world into the ‘internet of things’ where intelligence is distributed enabling ultimate control and flexibility unavailable in traditional audio systems. For example, we can now continue to add features and improvements to speakers by updating them ‘over the air’ so they can always be current with the latest standards and features like you would with your iPhone or Tesla. The WiSA standard will allow us to provide the best performance for consumers and provide continuous improvements to the loudspeakers as new technology features emerge.

We are active in the WiSA Technical Standards group and have already contributed to the Standard, including the protocols for sending and receiving firmware updates to the speakers.

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