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As TVs have gotten thinner, delivering increasingly better video, their audio quality has not kept pace, for the simple reason that there’s limited space on these ultra-thin displays to fit a high-quality speaker. Consumers who want premium HD audio to complement their HD video must invest in a separate audio system. In addition to the expense of these systems and the complexity of setting them up, there’s the challenge of running all those speaker wires – as many as eight in a 7.1 surround system. Without hiring professional installers, it’s nearly impossible to make these cables “disappear” or blend naturally into the surroundings. Likewise, once the speakers are installed, they need to be calibrated and balanced to the room environment, requiring specialized equipment and expertise that is often beyond the reach of the average consumer. And once the system is installed and configured, it becomes virtually impossible to rearrange it without additional expense.

A wireless audio system that is affordable, easy to install, and simple to configure is the ideal solution for home theater – and WiSA technology provides that solution.

WISA compliant devices use the relatively uncrowded UNII frequency spectrum to transmit high-fidelity, "interference free" audio ranging from stereo to 7.1 surround sound, along with system configuration and calibration data.

System Set-up
Learn the features that make WiSA technology the new global standard for the wireless transmission of HD audio in a home entertainment environment.

WiSA compliance ensures interoperability among transmitter and speaker brands, so consumers can mix and match products from different vendors and easily grow their systems.

Key Attributes
Key features of WiSA technology at a glance.

A high-level introduction to WiSA technology that compares it with competing wireless audio solutions, looks at audio market trends, and explores the market opportunities for WiSA-enabled products.



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