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WiSA Association (Sound bar and sub woofer)Unlike traditional home theater, a WiSA-enabled system can be easily altered, reconfigured, or upgraded without the hassle and expense of bringing in a professional installer. WiSA-compliant products are tested for reliable interoperability among transmitter and speaker brands, which is particularly important when it comes to scaling a home theater system. For instance, when a customer buys his initial system, he may simply get a sound bar and possibly a subwoofer bundled with a TV. Later on, as he gets comfortable with his home theatre setup and wants more capability, buys a set of surround speakers. Eventually he wants the full 7.1 surround experience and buys rear speakers, a better subwoofer, and possibly a WiSA compliant AV receiver with a 7.1 decoder.


WiSA Association (Surround sound)

At some point the system may need to be moved to a different room, or into a new home. A grown child might move out of the house and take some of the components with her to college, with the missing pieces replaced by newer, higher quality components. Each one of these system changes is made plug-and-play simple with WiSA technology.

Consumers’ purchase decisions may be made due to features, quality, cost, or even color. The important point is that they have choices as they expand their system and are not limited to a single brand. To achieve this, the WiSA certification and testing program ensures that all brands interact correctly.




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