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Easy Setup and Optimization

WiSA-compliant speakers and components are extremely easy to install and configure. Simply position the speakers where you want them, plug them into AC power, and power up the transmitter unit (TV, disc player, game console, AV Receiver, or wireless transmitter hub). If the speaker positions need to change, they can simply be moved. There are no speaker cables, connections, or speaker-to-amplifier matching required. Unlike traditional home theater systems, a WiSA-enabled system can be quickly set up by the average user without the expense of hiring a professional installer.

Channels (e.g. Front, surround, rear, right, left, center) are assigned to speakers either automatically or by selection on a screen. Through this process the system “learns” the locations of the speakers.

In less expensive systems, selection is done visually by using an on-screen display (OSD) or by using a mobile app as shown below:
WiSA Association (tv and mobile phone) The speakers are simply dragged to the correct relative positions in the room to assign channels and determine the distance between speakers. From there, the components correct for volume and the delay in the room.

The listener position can even be changed by dragging (e.g. from the left to right side of the couch) and the system instantly adapts by again changing the volume and delay for all of the speakers.

For more fully-featured speakers, there is also an automatic configuration option that involves the use of ultrasonic transducers, or “pingers.” Each speaker contains a pinger and from one speaker, the distances are automatically measured to all the other speakers, much in the way that whales, dolphins, and bats locate objects. This serves the purpose of automatically mapping the locations of the speakers and their channel assignments simply by turning on the system.




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