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Tony Ostrom

Tony Ostrom joined Wireless Speaker and Audio (WiSA®) as President in August of 2016. The goal of the WiSA Association is simple… establish the standardization of WiSA technology providing high-definition, interoperable, wireless home theater with the following attributes:

* Wireless interoperability allowing products from multiple brands to work seamless with one another and providing the user with simple and convenient set-up and use experiences

* High definition audio (CD quality or better) even with all channels driven

* Support premium, multichannel formats

* Low latency (no lip-sync) for synchronized video and game play

* Software and firmware updates other the air

* Firmware flexibility to allow brands to customize modes and configurations

* Professional configurations for concert, auditorium, club, arena and house of worship environments

Knowing all WiSA certified products are truly interoperable gives the user the peace of mind that everything will connect easily, communicate properly and perform at a high level. Connections to speakers are made wirelessly and are robust, dependable and allow a high definition connection so sound is crystal clear without the hassle and mess of multiple wire runs around the room. As adoption of the standard increases, more and more transmitters will elegantly connect with a greater number of speakers proving numerous options to easily build the system(s) of your dreams.

As big screens continue to grow and get thinner, the sound required to compliment the visual presentation must evolve. Typically, systems that easy to set-up and manage are not capable of delivering extremely high performance and, conversely, truly high performing systems are commonly more difficult to build, connect and manage. The WiSA interoperable standard allows truly high performance system to be connected, configured and controlled with ease. Confusion and frustration is removed and amazing sound is attained more easily than ever before.

About Tony Ostrom:

Tony brings vast experience in developing brands, products and technologies on an international level and has worked closely with WiSA technology for the last three years leading the development of one of the first WiSA certified multichannel audio systems on the market. Ostrom has developed product collections and marketing programs at several leading consumer electronics companies over the last 23 years. His creativity and technical background in the consumer electronics space will help drive the Association's multiple new programs as they continue to accelerate growth and market adoption while establishing WiSA as the standard for high-definition, multichannel, wireless audio around the world. Ostrom holds a degree in Music Engineering Technology and a Minor in Physics from Ball State University in Indiana and is a member of American Mensa.