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Technology has brought ease and convenience to all forms of audio and now you can enjoy high-definition, multi-channel home theater with all of the simplicity of wireless connectivity and none of the complication and hassle of speaker wires and massive amounts of gear. Any WiSA Certified source including TVs, Gaming Systems, Control Centers, etc. will easily connect to any WiSA Certified speakers to create amazing sound systems for the whole family to enjoy..

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The WiSA® Association is an audio industry group dedicated to helping movie and music lovers build great home audio and home theater systems that are simple to connect and control thanks to the adoption of WiSA (Wireless Speaker & Audio) technologies.

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Interoperability means all WiSA certified products will work flawlessly together. Any source, TV, gaming system, BluRay player, etc. will work with any WiSA certified speakers. Simple.

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